Ayanda Marble is a cooperative established in 2015 aimed at having a wide range of products that will be of assistance to the Alexandra Township Community.


We are well known in the grass root communities that can create a lot of job opportunities as we help the people to form their own PBO's and NGO's.

Ayanda Marble has furthermore took an extra mile by forming a women cultural development project in order for them to transfer the skills to the younger generations of this country.


We are currently running a pilot project of designing and manufacturing of a specialised rat-trap. The motivation behind the specialised rat-trap is the current rat infestation experienced in Alexandra Township and a desire by the founders of the co-operative to design a product which stands to benefit their community.


Our Objectives


  • To offer a "home grown" solution to a local problem.
  • To develop the premier rat preventative product in the Alexandra Township.
  • To alleviate the growing rat infestation in Alexandra Township and promote a healthier environment

Our Services


  • Roofing
  • Paving/ Re-signage
  • Cleaners & Caterers
  • Cleaners and Caterers
  • Steel & Bricks Fencing
  • Painting & Renovations
  • Manufacturing/ Installation
  • Advocacy & Social Justice
  • Women Cultural Performance
  • General Building (with Grade 1)